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    Have Sage 200 or 50 Financials? Need a fashion centric solution?

    Datel can help you capitalise on your investment in Sage Financials 200 or 50 by integrating with the powerful clothing and footwear ERP solution, Protex. Our customers have discovered the benefits of doing just this…

    Lisa Lim, Financial Controller at Kiely Rowan explains how they use Sage 200 Financials with the clothing and footwear specific solution, Protex:

    ‘Protex is a fashion specific solution and that has been vital in order to deliver real benefit to our business…
    …Protex is the common link within our company. The whole company uses it worldwide. It is used between all our offices and warehouses. Our company is fully integrated seamlessly with Protex at the core, with POS integrated to Protex and Protex integrated with Sage Financials.”

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