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“…having easy access to accurate, timely management information has been transformative. We can report comprehensively on the financial elements of our business… We’re fully alert to anything in danger of going adrift and we have the all-important management control that any growing business needs for sustained success.”

Kathryn Shuttleworth, Managing Director, David Luke Ltd


“We have been with Datel for over 15 years. The main reason for staying with Datel and their Protex ERP solution is that the system has evolved and developed in parallel with our own business requirements. As challenges faced by our business have come along so have updates and upgrades to the software enabling us to deliver to customer expectations and become slicker and more efficient in the areas that our customers have demanded.”

David Brawn, IT & Logistics Director, Matchmakers International



“Since implementing Protex we have streamlined several processes in our business. For example we have increased stock turnaround. We can simply move stock from warehouse to warehouse to meet demand. Our ‘free to sell’ data is real time enabling us to move stock to eliminate surplus and meet demand elsewhere. With Protex supporting company policy, we do not hold stock older than 24 months which is an industry bench mark.”

Lisa Lim, CFOO, Kiely Rowan (Orla Kiely)


“One of our priorities was to have a system which any user would be able to pick up quickly, The new version of the Protex system has an updated look and feel, very similar to Microsoft Office products.”

Lynn Temple, Chairman, Magee Clothing Limited


Magee and Datel celebrate 20 years of business!

Lynn Temple, Chairman, explains, ‘The reason we have continued to work with Datel is because they have continued to deliver a solution to enhance our business.’



“Having information available at our sales teams fingertips regarding what items are ready for immediate delivery and what products are available to promise enables us to respond to our customers quickly.”

John Deverill, Managing Director, Gill



“Customer feedback has been that the system has provided improvements in management control, reduced overall stock levels and increased service performance to the end users.”

Richard Stabler, Finance Director, Turner Virr



“With the Protex solution we have been able to improve many of our business processes…these new controls and efficiencies we are able to reduce the order to delivery cycle considerably.”

Dierdre Mackay, Brandwell


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