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    Protex Business Intelligence (BI) allows users to get a clearer picture of what is happening or has happened in their business. Protex BI can be defined as a tool that allows for data visualisation and analysis, with the purpose of gaining business insight and enforcing key decisions.


    For example the warehouse needs to meet certain daily despatch targets with respect to both the value of the goods they are despatching and the percentage of despatches that are on time and in full (OTIF). These performance metrics could be displayed on a screen in the warehouse, to provide warehouse users with clear feedback on the day’s performance.

    The sales team need to know which styles, product groups a customer is buying and when they last bought. A visual chart available online, can support this.


    Protex BI enables you access data from multiple business systems in real time. The dashboard software can summarise information held in multiple databases as a series of easily customisable and interactive charts and tables.

    Whatever your specific reporting requirements Datel can work with you to identify and implement a powerful dashboard of your data from all your business systems. Individual charts can be controlled at user level, to ensure relevant information is provided to each user.

    Mobile users can access real-time data from their tablets or mobiles. The simple and intuitive dashboard requires little to no training for end users. The solution is simple to implement giving you the ability to access a top down view of your data quickly.


    Key Features:

    Access critical data across all databases

    Drill down and access the underlying data in real-time

    Easy to install with little to no training for end-users

    Share information with individuals not on your main business system

    Track KPIs and automatically send alerts

    Access anywhere on any device via a web browser

    Automatically email scheduled reports

    Provide charts across multiple companies in one view

    ‘We have also introduced the Protex Business Intelligence tool, which provides us with a picture of our data. We need to have data available detailing product sales, performance, forward orders etc. to drive our decisions and therefore our business.’

    Ian Poore, COO, Gill