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    The heritage of the Harry Hall brand is established and treasured in the equestrian world and is renowned for being durable, comfortable, practical, big on features and appropriate for all ages. In the 1870s Harry Hall Esq, Bootmaker and Tailor was started and began trading with the advertising slogan “Hall marked clothes are the best.”

    In the 1960s, the brand was supplying clothes to famous riding personalities and from time to time the occasional order was even received from the stables at Buckingham Palace.

    Today’s riders require more from their clothing – they want affordable, reliable, quality made garments that are fashionable yet practical. The Harry Hall range, from comfortable legwear to safe Hi-Viz, from practical footwear to stylish tops, has been designed with all this in mind.

    Solution benefits:


    Improved purchasing


    Enhanced customer service


    Reduced sales administration

    You have being use Protex for many years, why do you think it has been such a successful relationship?

    We have been with Datel for over 15 years. The main reason for staying with the solution Protex is that the solution has grown and developed in parallel to our business. As challenges in our business have changed, Portex has improved enabling us to become slicker and more efficient in the areas that we have need to.

    Simply put if the system meets your business needs there is no need to change! Protex delivers what we need and aides our business.

    How important is it that Datel are experts in your business sector, clothing and footwear?

    Datel are certainly industry experts, and compared to talking to generic solution providers this helps enormously. Even with all their expertise they are still willing to listen to industry feedback. We regularly meet with Datel and provide feedback of where our business is and where we need it to go and how Protex can help in that natural evolution. Datel certainly demonstrates a philosophy of listening and developing to customer needs rather than one system fits all.

    How valuable is the Datel’s customer service experience?

    At Harry Hall we cannot fault the customer service team. In fact I would go as far to say it is above and beyond what you expect from a solution provider. To have the confidence that if we ever have a problem or issue it will be dealt with and resolved has proven to be invaluable, it has created a strong relationship of trust.


    You recently implemented the new version of Protex, what benefits have you experienced?

    The transition from our previous version of Protex to the redeveloped Protex was seamless. We experienced no delays, no issues everything carried on as normal. The new Protex is more user friendly. A critical business improvement has been reporting. The end user, whoever they are can create their own reports simply. Data can be exported to Excel and sliced and diced according to the department and business need. This is a huge benefit to aiding decision making across the business.

    The new system also enables customisation which is dictated by us and how we need to run our business rather than system orientated. For example users can simply customise menus.

    From an IT perspective the new version of Protex has proven to be resilient, robust and secure. The system is not IT resource heavy at all. Great for ongoing cost of ownership.

    Harry Hall and Datel have a long standing relationship, what is next for your business?

    We are just about to embark on implementing Datel’s customer portal enabling us to trade online with our business customers. We already have an online ordering site, but the Protex customer portal will provide a fully integrated solution. Basically our online activity will be completely and automatically synchronised with our back office. By providing real-time, end-to-end information the Protex Customer Portal will drive efficiencies, reduce administration costs and enhance customer service levels.

    Having an online trading site is expected of a business like ours. With exports growing we have various customers in different time zones we need to offer them access to ordering, stock, order tracking, invoicing, point-of-sale information, accounts,  24/7. Our new trading site will also be mobile-responsive which again is expected from our customers. The fact our online system will be fully integrated will drive efficiency across the order processing and enhance customer service.


    Visit the Harry Hall website to find out more.