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    Designed to meet the unique operational flows of a clothing and footwear business.

    Protex ERP is a leading solution designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of clothing and footwear businesses. Protex has been developed by industry experts to support the unique operational flows found within this sector.

    Protex combines the latest technology with the latest industry insight to deliver a benefit rich ERP system. Each business is unique, Protex is highly configurable enabling the right solution to be delivered. Protex delivers real power to drive efficiencies and cost effective management across the whole business process. All this combined in an intuitive user interface enabling users to carry out tasks which previously was reliant on a particular job role in a particular department

    Protex ERP designed for clothing and footwear business

    Designed to control a business with information by style, colour, size and fit
    Protex utilises a matrix throughout the system to easily manage style, colour, size and fit

    Designed to manage the complexities of sourcing, manufacturing and CMT
    Protex can support different sales channels along with unique customer service requirements. It also provides the tools to efficiently manage mixed procurement planning whether make to stock or make to order.

    Designed to manage seasonality
    Protex not only handles the multi-dimensional complexities of style, colour, size and fit it also enables a business to manage seasonal products.

    Designed to manage raw material purchasing and stock
    Perhaps a business will source materials and run some Cut Make and Trim (CMT) lines, manage manufacturing or buy in products, Whichever Protex streamlines raw material planning and stock management

    Designed to manage the various types of clothing and footwear business needs
    Whether a business manufactures, embroiders, sources, provides bespoke tailoring, delivers a workwear contract Protex can simplify the business process.

    Protex core modules include
    Product LifeCycle Management (PLM), Bill of Materials, Raw Material, Costing, Critical Path, Sales Orders, Purchase Ordering, Distribution, Inventory Control and Reporting.


    Get more done faster
    Reduces administration time and costs by integrating and streamlining processes relating to sourcing, distribution, warehousing and manufacturing

    Instantly access business intelligence
    In today’s competitive business environment with fast-paced change decisions need to be made quickly and accurately. Protex delivers critical real-time information to ensure decisions made are the best possible ones.

    Drive agility
    Protex integrates the business processes improving responsiveness and service to customers

    Focus on competitive advantages
    Enabling more efficient business processes business can free up key personnel for more value-add work enhancing competitive advantage.

    Understand the bigger picture
    Integration, sounds simple, but many businesses operate many systems which are poorly integrated. To work faster with accuracy integration is vital

    Simplify day-to-day business
    Direct access to data company-wide through various interfaces enables businesses to implement more effective business processes, reducing costs whilst providing better customer service

    Enhance growth and customer service
    Delivering a fully integrated ecommerce solution to enable customers and agents to order quickly and simply.