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    A.M. London Fashion Ltd, based in Manchester is driven by the simple desire to deliver fresh, carefully crafted and sustainably sourced clothing to the fashion conscious. Working with Datel they implemented Protex in the Cloud integrated with Sage 50 financials, simply they rent the solution for a monthly subscription.

    Key to their success was customer service. To deliver this they needed clarity and visibility in the procurement process. They embarked on the search for an IT solution, sophisticated enough to deliver their requirements without the requirement for an IT department or having to purchase outright at the start of their business journey. A.M. London Fashion met with Datel who could offer the clothing and footwear specific ERP solution, Protex integrated with Sage 50 Financials in the Cloud. A.M.London implemented the solution adopting the subscription model. All hardware, software and maintenance is managed by Datel enabling A.M. London Fashion’s to focus on their core business of designing and sourcing clothing to their customers.


    Solution Benefits:


    Quick implementation and realisation of operational benefits


    Access to sophisticated technology to provide the visibility and accuracy needed


    A flexible and scalable platform to support the business operation from start-up, and into the long term


    Lower capital expenditure and total cost of ownership than traditional software purchasing models

    As a progressive family business A.M. London has captured the imagination of the men’s fashion market with brands Threadbare, Threadboys and A.M. London. Whilst being a proud British brand, A.M. London’s influence stretches far and wide with lines stocked in major department stores and by leading online fashion retailers across Europe, Canada and the USA.

    Sanjeev Mehan, Director of A.M. London explains the importance of having the right business operations to excel in a fast-paced fashion arena,

    He continues ‘This complex matrix of requirements is simplified by having the right ERP solution at the core of our business. Protex ensures our processes flow succinctly. The system enables us to remove inefficiencies, have total visibility of customer order status and accurately cost on products to ensure we provide our customer with competitively priced garments to meet their customers’ demands.’

    Martin Rath, Director at Datel explains the Protex in the Cloud model, ‘Many start up business are unsure as to what solution is best to support their new business operation, and cost is a particular concern. Protex in the Cloud provides a solution that businesses can adopt quickly using some of the basic functionality to help bring their business onto a system quickly. Protex is a functionally rich solution, new functions can be switched on to support their businesses’ growth as and when needed. The subscription method aligns the realisation of benefits more closely to the payments of the solution.’

    About A.M. London Fashion

    Driven by a desire to bring up-to-date fashion trends, great quality and great prices to the fashion-conscious male, the team travel the world for inspiration, attending all the major catwalk shows. They constantly channel the latest trends from fashion houses and fine-tune the most inspirational organic street styles to produce collections that are cutting-edge and relevant.

    The company has 3 core brands:

    Threadbare – aimed at the fashion conscious young male. It is for the guy who wants to look good and feel confident without making too much of a bold fashion statement. Within the collection are staple pieces for every episode of life, from the working day through to a more relaxed holiday vibe. Shirts, shorts, jackets, joggers, tees and trainers are all part of the collection – all finely executed in high quality wearable fabrics, at affordable prices.

    Threadbare is currently sold in the UK, across Europe, Canada and America

    A.M London is aimed at men who like their fashion a little more formal. The collection offers super-stylish pieces for a sharp look. Extra designer details to the cut and finish create an air of sophistication and accomplishment, even in more casual offerings. These are serious clothes for people who want to be taken seriously.

    Within the collection are great lines of blazers and suiting along with timeless, classic t-shirt designs. Smart, stylish and well-made clothes at sensible prices; this is British design and attention to detail at it’s very best.

    Threadboy was started in 2017 after identifying demand in the market for Threadbare style pieces aimed at a younger audience. The label is aimed at young boys up to early teens looking to create their own personal style and identity whilst also needing comfortable and capable clothes that allow them just to be themselves. With style influencers likely to be bigger brothers, cousins, uncles or those in the media spotlight, the clothing line carries fresh, youthful versions of the core pieces found in Threadbare.

    Find out more at www.amlondonltd.com