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16/10/2018 Magee and Datel celebrate 20 years of business

Magee and Datel have recently celebrated 20 years of business together. To read about how it begun and how both companies have worked together and changed over the years click on the link below:

Magee 20 years on

08/10/2018 Free event - Realising your business ambition in the clothing and footwear sector - Is your organisation looking at how to do business better?

You are invited to Datel’s free morning workshop where you can meet like-minded business leaders. The event will focus on how clothing and footwear companies can overcome common challenges and how to build a strong future for growth. Find out more and Register Today

12/09/2018 5 signs your business needs an ERP System

Years upon years of business change and improvisation can result in process and procedures based on the business as it was a decade ago. Spreadsheets and separate solutions may have worked then – but do they work now? Read more


03/09/2018 Why we want to hear your ambition story

In partnership with our sister company Datel we would like to hear your ambition story.

Earlier this year, Peter Jones was appointed as Sage’s Ambition Ambassador – a role in which he wants to help UK businesses do even more.

To many, Peter personifies ambition and he is known for helping people (and in turn businesses), realise their aspirations.

At a recent event to celebrate businesses hosted by Sage, Peter took centre stage to talk about his story, from the challenges he faced over the course of his journey, to what ambition means to him today.

Datel has helped over 1,000 businesses realise their ambitions wherever they are on their journey.

Our part to play, is to ensure that their technology, helps them to realise those ambitions. With the confidence in the software that supports their vision, our customers are free to focus on their plans.

And it’s these business stories, journeys and successes of both our current and future customers, that drives Datel to deliver.

It’s what we care about.

What’s your ambition story?

Inspired by Peter’s story and his passion for encouraging others to realise their aspirations, we’re running a competition to find Britain’s most ambitious business. The lucky winner will receive a promotional video showcasing their business ambition, courtesy of Datel.

Everybody has a different story to tell.

It may be how your business got started, to the challenges you face to turn that ambition into a reality. It could be about something special you’re doing today – or about your aspirations for the future.

We want to hear your story – and where your drive to achieve it has taken you.

You can click here to share your own story, or nominate a person that your feel demonstrates ambition whose example deserves to be heard.

10/07/2018 Have Sage 200 or 50 Financials? Need a fashion centric soltuion?

Datel can help you capitalise on your investment in Sage Financials  200 or 50 by integrating with the powerful clothing and footwear ERP solution, Protex. Our customers have discovered the benefits of doing just this…

Lisa Lim, Financial Controller at Kiely Rowan explains how they use Sage 200 Financials with the clothing and footwear specific solution, Protex:

‘Protex is a fashion specific solution and that has been vital in order to deliver real benefit to our business…

…Protex is the common link within our company. The whole company uses it worldwide. It is used between all our offices and warehouses. Our company is fully integrated seamlessly with Protex at the core, with POS integrated to Protex and Protex integrated with Sage Financials.”

Read more…

27/03/2018 Protex helping launch new childenswear brand Grass & Air

Recently our business management solution, Protex has helped launch the new childrenswear brand Grass & Air.

The newly launched brand is a kids outerwear brand designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor play. The brand have taken inspiration from the clean lines and pared back simplicity of Scandinavian design and injected Manchester attitude to create a sophisticated yet playful interpretation of rainwear. The brand is supported by our clothing and footwear specific business management system Protex.

Bryony Pestell, Marketing Manager for the brand explains the importance to have effective management of their operations during the launch, ‘The Protex solution has smoothly managed the back office elements such as product set-up, planning of stock, order processing, warehouse management for our new brand, Grass & Air. With the confidence that our operations are running smoothly we have been able to focus on the sales and marketing activities to launch and promote the new brand.’

The Grass & Air launch has had much industry interest including featuring in the January issue of British Vogue and being awarded the ‘Rising Star Award’ at Bubble London.

Check out their website