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Magee and Datel celebrate 20 years of business!

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    Magee1866 is a company steeped in history and heritage with over 150 years of designing, weaving and tailoring. Datel are proud to be celebrating a 20 year partnership in the provision of business management solutions and services to support such a reputable business.

    The clothing and footwear sector has undergone numerous challenges in the course of 20 years. Many have succumbed to these challenges and others have evolved and diversified to continue to survive and even thrive. Magee and Datel have evolved together over the 20 years and this ability to evolve and meet the customer needs has been the reason for such a successful relationship.

    Based in Donegal, Magee use the finest yarns – cashmere, lambswool alpaca, silk, and linen to create luxury fabrics. These fabrics are used for menswear, womenswear, accessories and home furnishings. Every Magee collection, whether fabric, garment or accessory is designed to reflect its distinctive heritage with a contemporary twist.


    The Protex ERP solution has been supporting the businesses process of Magee for many years, evolving and changing to suit the here and now and the future requirements of the business. Back in 1998 Protex was a specialist clothing manufacturing ERP solution, that was implemented into the Magee business during the y2k and hysteria.

    The implementation was a challenging one as Magee had some very complex business processes.

    One of the unique features of Magee’s offering is the number of cloths that a product could be offered in. In order for a production system to be able to calculate material requirements and plan production, a bill of materials needs to be setup. This was a major challenge for Magee as with personal tailored products, the product could be made before the BOM would be setup.

    The solution was to create a method by which a sales order could be entered onto Protex and the resulting selection of garment block and features enabled a BOM to be created on the fly. It was an innovative solution that enabled Magee to control the cloths and components that made up each individual garment, without requiring a large admin team in the background, or delays to clothing production.


    Now 20 years on the Protex ERP solution is a very different solution, and Magee has evolved into a design and sourcing business. Protex is now a platform which not only supports the business processes across the various departments such as sales, forecasting, purchasing and stock management, but also acts as a repository to share and receive data from other systems enabling Magee to have an integrated view of their business.

    For instance wholesale customers have the facility to log on to a customer portal, to place and track orders, check live stock, and also review when stock is due in. Magee have hundreds of customers now using this portal whose data is provided directly from Protex.

    A more recent development has been the introduction of a customer portal for Magee’s personal tailoring orders from a specialist third party software supplier. Protex has been integrated into this Portal to, to ensure that the sales and purchasing administration processes for these type of orders are automated.

    Martin Rath, Director at Datel, explains, ‘This is a great milestone to celebrate with Magee. As clothing and footwear experts with a solution specifically built for this market our philosophy has been to commit to work closely with our customers to ensure we have solutions that provide the benefits our customers need. Magee has been a particularly interesting story with many challenging business problems that we have been able to help them with. It has been great working them and we look forward to the next 20 years.’


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