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Brandwell import and distribute leather goods such as handbags, and luggage along with umbrellas, hosiery and underwear. Amongst its product range includes brands such as; Oriano, Freelander, Portland, Dice, and Gionni. Products are designed at head office in Ireland and then sourced from Hong Kong, Spain and India.

Solution benefits:


Enhanced accuracy of data


Simplified business processes such as costing, ordering


Visibility of the supply chain

What were the business drivers that led you to look to update your business software?

To support the changing and growing company structure Brandwell identified the need to review IT. A key driver was the need to gain better visibility and control over the tracking of events in the overseas production process.

In Brandwell’s previous system many processes were managed off system with spreadsheets resulting in duplication of effort along with time consuming tasks checking various sources in order to respond to customer enquiries.

What aspects of the Protex solution did you implement? 

Brandwell implemented a 35-user Protex ERP System across the business covering product lifecycle management, costing, source order management, critical path management, sales order processing, finished goods inventory management, distribution and customer relationship management.

How has the Protex ERP solution helped your business? 

Deirdre Mackey, Brandwell explains, ’With the Protex ERP solution we have been able to improve many of our business processes. At Brandwell we have a mix of customer order methods including make-to-order, make-to-stock along with franchise and agent ordering. This array of order methods adds complexity to many of our processes for example pricing, sourcing and invoicing.’